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Fasteners act as a hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together. These are used to create non-permanent joints, that can be removed or dismantled without damaging the joining components. These also facilitate tight bonds between close fitting surfaces.

Buttweld Fittings
Buttweld Fittings comprise of long radius elbow, concentric reducer, eccentric reducers and Tees. They are an important part of industrial piping systems to change direction, branch off or to mechanically join equipment to the system. These fittings are sold in nominal pipe sizes with specified pipe schedule.
Forged Fittings
Forged Fittings are used for associating or connecting pipes, pumps, valves, & other equipment to create a piping system below size of 2 or 4 inches in diameter. These fittings are pipe fittings that are made from forged carbon steel material. These fittings act as a process that creates very strong fittings.
Abrasion Resistant Plate
Abrasion Resistant Plate can be defined as the ability of a surface to resist being worn away by rubbing or friction. This plate is a high-carbon alloy steel designed specifically to have greater hardness properties than low-carbon steel. This plate works well in harsh applications, and also offers some impact resistance.
Structural and Offshore Steel Plate
Structural and Offshore Steel Plate is used to manufacture sea platforms and structures are required to have high strength, low-temperature viscosity, corrosion resistance and weldability. This plate is best known for high yield strength, excellent weldability, good internal soundness, good resistance to brittle fracture, as well as high resistance to lamellar tearing.
Pressure Vessel Steel Plate
Pressure Vessel Steel Plate is designed for use in making pressure vessels, boilers, heat exchangers and any other vessels and tanks that to store liquid or gas at high pressures. This plate is used to produce pressure vessels due to its tensile strength, notch toughness, ductility and fatigue characteristics.
SS Plate
SS Plate is versatile and used in a variety of applications which includes, construction, food service applications, transportation, chemical, marine, and textile industries. This plate is used extensively in the car manufacturing industry to provide the durability and strength need to get through crash testing.
High Nickel Alloys Plate
High Nickel Alloys Plate is used extensively because of their corrosion resistance, high temperature strength and their special magnetic and thermal expansion properties. This plate is used in different industries such as marine engineering, oil and gas extraction, power generation, and pollution control industries. 
Special Alloys Steel Plate
Special Alloys Steel Plate is most commonly used to manufacture pipes, especially pipes for energy-related applications. This plate is used in the construction industry such as girders, structural sections, bars, rails, rods and wires. The alloys used, increases overall machinability and corrosion resistance. 
Chrome Moly Plate
Chrome Moly Plate is particularly desirable for units operating in high temperatures. This plate improves high temperature strength, molybdenum improves high temperature creep strength, both improve hardenability. This is used in oil and gas, energy, construction and the automotive industries because of its corrosion resistance and high-temperature and tensile strength. 
Stainless Steel Sheet
Stainless Steel Sheet is used in the exterior cladding for large high impact buildings and can be seen in the interiors too in the form of handrails, counter tops, backsplashes and more. This is also used extensively in the car manufacturing industry to provide the durability and strength need to get through crash testing. 
Corten Steel Plate
Corten Steel Plate is developed using weathering steel and a protecting layer is them on the steel surface when used in hazardous weather conditions. This is widely used in landscaping and other outdoor applications because it forms a protective layer of rust after approximately six months of exposure to moisture and oxygen. 
Boiler Plate
Boiler Plate is steel rolled into large plates for use in steam boilers. This plate is widely used in fabrication of boilers in industries. This hot rolled steel plate is made available in variety of grades and thickness and are developed to a superior quality, deliberated to hold out the internal pressure in boilers and valves.

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